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I am using the Matlab script pcap2matlab.m to create a time plot of a Modbus register. (The Matlab script calls TShark).

In Wireshark I can see the parameter I want: alt text

To plot this Modbus register as a function of time I am using pcap2matlab.m. I created a simple script to call pcap2matlab.m for this purpose. This script is listed below:

%pcap2matlab_example2() isRead = true;

CAPTURE_FILE = 'REL2_test02_onOffHVPW.pcapng'; %% Set up the capturing/reading parameters: dissector = {'modbus.func_code',... 'modbus.request_frame',... 'modbus.byte_cnt',... 'modbus.reg32'};

capture_filter = 'tcp and src port 502';
read_filter = 'modbus'; %% Capture/read:
if isRead % Read: pcap_result = pcap2matlab(read_filter, dissector, CAPTURE_FILE); else % Capture: pcap_result = pcap2matlab(capture_filter,dissector, 4, 700); end

And it works, I get a result for each packet in a Matlab structure array! However, it gives me all the Modbus registers for a given packet combined as a single large decimal, like 5.1205e+247. How can I extract the Modbus register I want from this large decimal (i.e. Register 5523 = 1234.900635 in the image above)?

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