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For measuring performance I want to use my laptop ACER ASPIRE 7551 to capture packet headers with tcpdump. However this laptop does only capture incoming packets and no outgoing packets. Anyone knows a solution?

asked 26 Feb '17, 12:41

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Michael Kok
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So is your laptop running Windows or some other OS? I presume from "Windump" that it's running Windows, but does "tcpdump" mean you also run, for example, Linux on it, or is this a version of tcpdump built for Windows (as opposed to the packaged WinDump)?

(26 Feb '17, 20:51) Guy Harris ♦♦

In that case you have to disable the antivirus, vpn or personal fw software

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answered 26 Feb '17, 14:53

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Hi Guy, Christian, Thanks for responding. I tried this on Windows 7 with, Windump, MicroOLAP Tcpdump and wireshark. Always no outbound packets captured. No Virus scanner, no restrictions on the firewall (traffic is handled normally, only captures fail), there is no VPN. Other PC and other laptop configured likewise do not show the problem.

(03 Mar '17, 01:36) Michael Kok

Well I thought there were no restrictions at the firewall, but sometimes the firewall itself causes the problem. So please try to disable it for one try.

(03 Mar '17, 02:13) Christian_R

As WinPcap plainly works for millions (yes literally) of other users as @Christian_R says it likely that it's something on your system that's interfering.

A stock Windows system has no issues, once you install software from others, e.g VPN, Firewall, AV and others, then they can interfere with the network stack. Various application of this sort have definitely been known to cause this issue.

Please try downloading WinPCap from here, uninstalling WinPcap, rebooting and reinstalling WinPCap.

(03 Mar '17, 03:54) grahamb ♦
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