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Hi all,

I have the packet-ospf.c, packet-rsvp.c and few other dissectors customized with 1.12.6 load. I need to update this dissectors to add more properitory cases. I have installed the wireshark development environment and got 2.3.0 code from GIT. However my 1.12.6 customized dissector won't build in this environment since the APIs have changed from 1.12.6 load.

Instead of modifying the APIs to align with the 2.x.x version of Wireshark, do you know if I could still get the 1.12.6 build environment setup and build 1.12.6 with my additional customized dissector changes? I had used "git clone" to get the source code, however this gives the latest source code, so I was not sure how to get the 1.12.6 environment for build.

Thanks for your inputs!!

Regards Sanj

asked 10 Mar '17, 05:39

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Presuming you used git clone to clone the wireshark repository, then use git to checkout the 1.12.6 tag to get that version:

git checkout tags/wireshark-1.12.6 -b my-1.12.6

Note the above command creates a branch for you to work in and commit to. Normally this is done so you can easily rebase your changes onto change from the upstream remote, but as 1.12.x is no longer supported that won't be happening, but it is still "best practice".

Using the above you can condemn your users to working with an obsolete unsupported version of Wireshark as long as you desire to (or they put up with it). You could try using the 1.12.13 tag as that is the latest tag of the 1.12.x version and your plugins should still compile on that with no extra effort on your part.

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answered 10 Mar '17, 06:23

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grahamb ♦
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Sometimes it's necessary to use older versions, as it was in this case. I don't know if that applies here though.

(10 Mar '17, 06:40) cmaynard ♦♦

Some times it's better to bite the bullet and diff the changes you made to the dissector to the old original and reapply them to the latest version modifying to use the new api's where needed.

(10 Mar '17, 06:53) Anders ♦

The server where 1.12.6 branch was cloned is no longer available. I just have the modified plugins which now need to be modified with additional decoding.

Could you please let me know the path to clone the 1.12.6 repository?

">cd C:\Development

git clone" clones the latest 2.3.x branch which won't work for me.



(10 Mar '17, 08:12) Sanj123

The git clone command retrieves the entire repository with all tagged versions. Did you try the git checkout ... command I gave?

(11 Mar '17, 04:20) grahamb ♦
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