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Mitel phone plugged into jack, my pc plugged into phone. I don't have the phone setup for mirroring as I wasn't capturing voice packets. I ran WS and was investigating another issue when I found a bunch of TCP packets coming from the Mitel PBX destined to other phones. How and why would I be seeing this? I understand I would see broadcast messages as my phone is on the same vlan but direct conversations between devices that my equipment is not involved in?


asked 10 Mar '17, 07:55

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It's hard to say without seeing a capture file. Can you leave one in a publicly downloadable location such as Dropbox or Google Drive?

(10 Mar '17, 21:01) Rooster_50

It's a bit hard to give an answer without a good understanding of the network topology and state of the upstream L2 network in particular, but if you're seeing destination MAC addresses other than those served by your phone or your PC there are a few possibilities. One is the presence of a hub in the network. Another is that MAC learning has been disabled on the VLAN (causing an L2 switch to treat these as broadcasts, never learning the specific destination port to forward to).

(11 Mar '17, 22:43) Quadratic
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