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Hello other sharks !

Recently I bought a new ps4 pro , the most game update taking very long and than they break completly and the download starts again.

Not every Update is slow sometimes a update runs well the next one is slow again.

I did a trace from a broken one and know need help from the community.

Packet 15 PS & 17 (sony server )shows an encrypted alert 21 in ssl . Followed by a reset by the ps4 itself.

Is there anything I can do ?

asked 11 Mar, 06:39

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As there has been data exchanged between the client and the server, the "Encrypted Alert" is most likely just a normal "Close Notify", which is the proper way to close the connection at the SSL layer (like the FIN does for the TCP layer). The TCP/RST packets are probably sent by the PS4 as it already has closed the TCP session before it receievd back the "Encrypted Alert" and the TCP/FIN after ~185ms.

The question is why is there a round trip time of ~185ms throughout the tracefile? This is quite a long RTT. Combined with some packet loss, this can cause slow download speeds. Is the PS4 connected through WiFi or wired?

Could you provide a capture of the actual download of a game update that takes a long time?

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answered 13 Mar, 02:57

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I tried a connection via wifi & wired and both are slow.

Year but it is pretty big.

(18 Mar, 05:15) sharky1337
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