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Hi All, I'm using wShark v2.2.4 on Win10 to capture USB Audio Traffic. However, I find the feature descriptor bmaControls (listed as "Controls" in wShark) value (0x010002) doesn't match the breakdown bitset list of 0x0100, here bControlSize ("ControlSize" in wShark) is decoded as 2, and NrChannels (in Input Terminal Descriptor) is 2. The remaining 0x02 doesn't have a reasonable explanation.

Can you help? If there is anything wrong in my question please let me know.


asked 11 Mar '17, 23:04

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Capture file or it didn't happen.

(12 Mar '17, 10:23) Jaap ♦

Should I know how to upload a .pcapng file to the thread here?

(12 Mar '17, 12:22) stndfir

It is a cap file for Elite Portable USB Speaker I bought in Walmart.

(12 Mar '17, 12:23) stndfir

Can you share the capture in a publicly accessible spot, e.g. CloudShark? There's no attaching capture files here.

(13 Mar '17, 12:15) Jaap ♦

The cap file has been uploaded to CloudShark at

(14 Mar '17, 10:20) stndfir

Packet #95 is the one with Feature Unit Descriptor. Any comment?

(15 Mar '17, 04:34) stndfir
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