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I am trying to use proto_tree_add_bits_item() to select all the bits that are used in a 7-bit ASCII message of arbitrary length. I convert this 7-bit ASCII to 8-bit and then print out a string, but I would like Wireshark to select the bits that this string was derived from when the "Packet Bytes" window is in "Bits View" instead of the standard "Hex view". I have found that it will highlight the individual bits up to 7*3=21, and then it starts highlighting whole bytes. What's up?

ti = proto_tree_add_bits_item(cftext_sub_tree3, hf_cftext_textmess, tvb, 1918, 7*num_char, FALSE);

/* I am not interested in printing the bits here,
 * that's why I am using proto_item_set_text() instead of
 * proto_item_append_text().
proto_item_set_text(ti, "Text Message: %s", ascii_message);

Any ideas/answers are greatly appreciated!

asked 01 Sep '11, 12:10

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(01 Sep '11, 12:25) multipleinte...
  1. To demonstrate the problem, can you add a screenshot to your question?
  2. Is num_char set to 3 in your code above?
  3. Does the incorrect highlighting occur only when you select the tree item added by proto_tree_add_bits_item() in the Packet Bytes window?
(01 Sep '11, 17:07) helloworld
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