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In my old version of WS 1.10.2 I was able to create different profiles each with individual filters. Those filters were saved as "buttons" to the right of the Expressions, Clear, Apply Save, then my custom "buttons"

I imported my profiles to WS 2.2.5, but I only see one of my handful of buttons created in the older version. Does anybody know how to customize the display filter row so I can see all my Filter buttons?

I'm running OS X.

thank you

asked 05 Apr '17, 14:10

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In general filter buttons are available in the filter toolbar.

The filter buttons are always profile specific. So you have to select the right profile.

Furthermore you can enable/disable filter buttons in the "Preferences" -> "Filter expression" dialog.

Another possible reason for your issue could be that the filter expression is not valid in WS 2.2.X. For some protocols field names could have been changed from 1.10.X -> 2.2.X.

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answered 15 Apr '17, 02:30

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Thank you - this helped..

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(17 Apr '17, 08:49) ajk5522
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