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Hi managed to decode the SSL and the readable text is put into uncompressed entity body tab.

  1. I want to only display the packets which contain something in the uncompressed entity body tab if possible?

Here is a little part of a packet for an example to make a filter. cheers.


`{"__class__":"PlayerRankingVO","player":{"__class__":"BasePlayerVO","player_id":283402,"name":"SpellChuka","avatar":"portraitIdBlackguy"},"guildInfo":{"__class__":"GuildExtendedInfoVO","leaderName":"Princess Lizzie","id":8251,"name":"\u2665 Lizzie's Legions! \u2665","banner":{"__class__":"GuildBannerVO","shapeId":"guildbanner09","shapeColor":11862016,"symbolId":"guildicon10","symbolColor":16777215}},"rank":3250,"points":35391},

{"__class__":"PlayerRankingVO","player":{"__class__":"BasePlayerVO","player_id":324222,"name":"Max1ne","avatar":"portraitAw4F"},"guildInfo":{"__class__":"GuildExtendedInfoVO","leaderName":"Thaz","id":5280,"name":"United Powers","banner":{"__class__":"GuildBannerVO","shapeId":"guildbanner08","shapeColor":11862016,"symbolId":"guildicon09","symbolColor":16761643}},"rank":3251,"points":35372}

I've split it up to make it a little easier to read.

  1. In the end, I'm hoping I can extract these like they are separated now and have then put into an excel spreadsheet or a CSV file, see the example below. I don't know if this is possible within the program itself. If it is can someone point me in the right direction with this too. Or how to export just these packets so I can run a program over them ripping out all the useless crap and formatting it the way I want. Cheers.

Spreadsheet example: Player ID | NAME | AVATAR | GLD LDR | GLD ID | GLD NAME | RANK | POINTS 207633 | hugsandkiss2005 | portraitIdCrowngirl | henk33 | 4856 | KEEN | 3249 | 35398

CSV example: 207633, hugsandkiss2005, portraitIdCrowngirl, henk33, 4856, KEEN, 3249, 35398

Even if all the other info (Banner/symbol id etc) has to be in the spreadsheet or csv. I can work around that.

Thanks in advance, really appreciate it.

asked 07 Apr '17, 11:00

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