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I've got a Wireshark capture of AMQP traffic and when viewed in Wireshark the Info column has text such as:



I'm trying to figure out how I can get that field as text output? This is what I'm using so far and the output it provides:

tshark -V -d tcp.port==10004,amqp -T fields -e tcp.srcport -e tcp.dstport -e amqp.connection.method -r file.pcapng

56372   10004   2
10004   56372   5
56372   10004   6,7
10004   56372   8

So what I'd want is something like:

56372   10004   connection.start-ok
10004   56372   connection.tune
56372   10004   connection.tune-ok,

Any suggestions?


asked 20 Apr '17, 11:09

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You can use -e _ws.col.Info to display the contents of the Info column. In general, you can display the contents of any column using this method, just replace Info with the title of the column of interest.

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answered 20 Apr '17, 11:13

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cmaynard ♦♦
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Thanks for the suggestion.

Any idea why

-e _ws.col.Info

Is blank for me?

# tshark -V -d tcp.port==10004,amqp -T fields  -e _ws.col.Info -e tcp.srcport -e tcp.dstport  -r /tmp/1.mcc.b.AG1-1.pcapng  | head -n 30

I have tried tshark versions 1.8.10 and 1.10.14 on RHEL. I also tried on Windows(tshark v. 2.2.3) but got a different decoding error unrelated to original problem.

Parameter "tcp.port==10004" doesn't follow the template ">layer_type==selector>",">decode_as_protocol>"

(My left angle bracket malformation is not part of the problem. In the error they are displayed correct. )

(20 Apr '17, 13:54) gctaylor11

For versions of Wireshark prior to Wireshark 1.12.0, omit the _ws. prefix.

(20 Apr '17, 14:44) cmaynard ♦♦

Thanks much! Works with 1.10.14.

(20 Apr '17, 15:44) gctaylor11
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