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I am using development version 2.3.0 and release version 2.2.5 of Wireshark in development of a C dissector (on the same system). Referring back to , I currently have a warning for using the wrong FT_UINT for a field.

The code in question:


    proto_tree_add_item(proto_tree, hf_proto_memory_write_address, tvb, offset, PROTO_MEMORY_WRITE_ADDRESS_LEN, ENC_LITTLE_ENDIAN);

        {"Memory Write Address", "proto.memory_write_address", FT_UINT64, BASE_DEC, NULL, 0,
            NULL, HFILL }

In the development version the memory write address displays with no errors. In the release version (copied generated .dll to plugins folder) the error is "Trying to fetch a signed integer with length 8." I have a similar issue in a nearly identical field - 8 bytes - with the same errors. I tried switching to FT_UINT32 and the results switched. No error in the release version but the dev version obviously said that the FT_UINT was wrong.

asked 21 Apr '17, 06:13

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Wireshark APIs are not guaranteed to (and are often never) backward compatible between major releases. So you cannot compile your plugin with Wireshark 2.3.0 source code and expect it to work with 2.2.5 without recompilation. If you want your plugin to be compatible with various major versions (here 2.2.X vs 2.3.0), you have to compile the library twice.

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answered 21 Apr '17, 07:09

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Pascal Quantin
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Thanks, that makes sense. I'll switch my development source code.

(21 Apr '17, 07:25) brownfox
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