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Calculate throughput and packet loss?

asked 28 Apr '17, 00:17

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edited 28 Apr '17, 03:02

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grahamb ♦

Of what? Help us out by being at least a little more specific on what you're looking for?

Have you searched for similar questions?

I've als fixed up the tags on the question as they were completely irrelevant.

(28 Apr '17, 03:00) grahamb ♦

after the capture traffic of wireshark and convert the file to csv and open file in excel , I need method to calculate throughput,packet loss and average delay for "tcp and udp" in excel program.

(28 Apr '17, 04:48) Ashraf1995

Surely if you're working with Excel then it's no longer a Wireshark question.

However, Wireshark itself has lots of statistical information available if you load the capture file and look under the Statistics menu.

(28 Apr '17, 05:19) grahamb ♦

Please how Calculate or know throughput , average delay and packet loss in tcp,udp of wireshark after capture data?

(30 Apr '17, 02:06) Ashraf1995

Knowing throughput is easy: Statistics - Summary. It will show the throughput for the entire file. If you want to know throughput for some specific traffic, filter it first, then Statistics - Summary, then look in displayed packets.

To calculate packet loss, depending on the type of traffic, you can either add up the tcp.retransmission and go from there.

If you have a capture with ICMP, and you want to calculate packet loss, keep the ICMP echos and reply. Then, filter again using ICMP that contains no answers (icmp.no_resp), and look for the percentage of displayed packet. There is your packet loss %.

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answered 03 May '17, 12:25

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Ok I need to calculate throughput, packet loss and average delay of tcp and udp only ?

(03 May '17, 20:13) Ashraf1995


Do you have an existing capture to share with us? I can help you find these information.

(04 May '17, 05:09) jerioux
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