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I am trying to create a display filter which will select all packets that have a specific time delta to the previously displayed packet. I have tried for example frame.time_delta_displayed > 0.1 or frame.time_delta_displayed==0.00472000 which is a value I can see in one of the packets in the capture, yet it still does not select anything. What am I missing?

Any help appreciated.


asked 05 May '17, 23:14

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Have a close look at frame 1. There the time_delta_displayed is 0, so doesn't match, so isn't displayed. Now frame 2. Since frame 1 isn't displayed, the time_delta_displayed is 0, so isn't displayed. Now frame 3, ... ad infinitum.

So you have to get things started by at least displaying the first frame, e.g. prefix the filter by "frame.number==1 ||"

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answered 06 May '17, 01:00

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Thanks Jaap, that looks a bit better, still not a 100% there, but haven't got time right not to progress further.

Wasn't able to vote, I don't have enough points apparently.

(09 May '17, 05:21) Jeannette54365

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