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I can't figure out why starting capture of my wifi adapter is killing my laptops internet connection. Current version of wireshark was working fine and causing no problems a couple days ago. Admittedly, I was up late hours poking and prodding settings and may have done something to cause this.

Closing wireshark, closing firefox, turn wifi-off, then back on, resets the connection and internet works again. I can load wireshark, internet keeps working. As soon as I click capture, the browser stops resolving, and no TCP, PORT, HTTP traffic is found in capture. It does scroll all kinds of beacon, etc.. activity from the wifi adapter in capture log.

This is on OSx v10.12.4. I don't think its my router as a fresh install of wireshark on another computer on this network works properly. I've been playing with PF settings during the same time I played with Wireshark settings, but I're restored PF to default, disabled PF all together, etc.. and the scenario of breaking internet connection is the same.

Any pointers on where I should start looking? I didn't find much searching google.


asked 09 May '17, 21:29

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Are you using the WiFi card to capture and communicate with the Internet? Because if you do, the activation of monitor mode is probably the reason why you lose connectivity. WiFi cards are half duplex (either send or receive, not both at the exact same time) and as soon as you tell it to monitor, it will become receive-only full-time, so you can't send requests anymore.

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answered 10 May '17, 02:21

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For more info see the wiki page on WLAN Capture, in particular the info about the various capture modes.

(10 May '17, 03:41) grahamb ♦

That was it, thanks!

(10 May '17, 05:17) dryasia
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