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I have a captured pcap file which I want to filter for a certain http host. Because I not only want the http packets I search first for the http streams and save their stream numbers. In a second step I filter the pcap file for these found stream numbers.

Here ist what I do:

import pyshark 
INFILE = './xy_2017-03-30.pcapng'

def get_http_streams(host):
    pcap = pyshark.FileCapture(INFILE, only_summaries=False, display_filter=f' contains "{host}"')
    streams = set()
    for p in pcap:
        stream_nr = int(
    print(f'Found {len(streams)} "{host}" streams.')
    return streams

s = get_http_streams('google') 
pcap = pyshark.FileCapture(INFILE)

pkt_list = [] 
for i, p in enumerate(pcap):
        stream_nr = int(
    except AttributeError:
        stream_nr = -1
    if stream_nr in s:

# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# How to write a pcap file now? pyshark.WriteFile(pkt_list, 'result.pcap') ?!
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------


Now I have a list with the filtered packets. How would I write them out now to a new pcap file?

Thanks for any help!

Regards, Marcel

BTW: The captured pcap files are big (> 300 MB). Scapy eats all my memory while reading...

asked 24 May '17, 05:38

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edited 24 May '17, 05:40

I don't think saving a capture is supported. Regardless, pyshark is not part of the Wireshark project so you'll find support for pyshark over here.

permanent link

answered 24 May '17, 05:48

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grahamb ♦
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Thanks for your quick reply! I saw other questions with PyShark and therefore tried to ask here. Will open an issue.

Do you think what I try so achieve would be possible with tshark alone?

(24 May '17, 05:54) mluethi

Not with tshark alone, you'll need some external scripting tool. The basic approach looks good, filter on the host required outputting the stream index (-T fields -e, then re-filter with those streams.

(24 May '17, 06:17) grahamb ♦
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