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how to i capture packets from any client?

asked 04 Jul '17, 09:24

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You can use Wireshark. Or please add some details to the question.

(04 Jul '17, 10:24) Packet_vlad

im using wireshark, thats why im asking here.

(05 Jul '17, 07:39) cascraft

anyone know how to capture packet from client with wireshark?

(05 Jul '17, 07:40) cascraft

What is your OS and which version and what is your Wireshark version?

(05 Jul '17, 07:49) Jaap ♦

And what "client" do you have in mind? A wireless client, a SIP client, some XYZ application client...? As @Packet_vlad wrote, add some details, otherwise we don't know what you are actually asking.

(05 Jul '17, 07:59) sindy

Windows 10 64Bit some XYZ application client. (like game clients.)

(07 Jul '17, 05:07) cascraft

Run Wireshark, start the capture after selecting the network card you're using, start the application client.

(07 Jul '17, 15:58) Jasper ♦♦

i did that but i cant see any useful pakets from client.

(12 Jul '17, 06:39) cascraft

How do you know?

(12 Jul '17, 06:48) Jaap ♦

because it capture the whole network and not the application client what i want.

(12 Jul '17, 09:17) cascraft
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Your question is really very generic. You should probably start by reading the Wireshark wiki CaptureSetup page, then follow that up with the relevant "Capturing on XYZ Networks" page under the See Also section.

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answered 12 Jul '17, 13:27

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cmaynard ♦♦
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