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Hi! I've downloaded the latest version of WireShark but I have a problem. I'm using my phone (Nokia N85) as modem for my pc and WireShark doesen't detect it as a modem or anything. Can you help me with a solution or some settings? I'm using Windows 7. Thank you!

asked 25 Oct '10, 13:10

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grahamb ♦

Check out There's a section on troubleshooting.

If Wireshark doesn't list the interface, then you can't capture on it. I've got two phones that can be set up as modems, but the interfaces are not recognized.

Question: What do you want to do? Are you trying to capture WLAN traffic to/from your phone or something else?

(26 Oct '10, 08:59) lchappell ♦

The problem is with WinPcap, and it affects Wireshark only because Wireshark uses WinPcap to capture traffic on Windows (just as it uses the UN*X library on which the userland part of WinPcap is based, libpcap, on UN*X). That means that a program that does see your mobile phone modem on Windows 7 will have to be a program that doesn't use WinPcap, but uses something else.

One such program is Microsoft's Network Monitor; see the links under "Install Network Monitor" to download it for 32-bit x86 Windows, 64-bit x86 Windows, or IA-64 Windows. It's free (in the sense of "it doesn't cost any money"; the source isn't available, but the protocols are described by text files, and you do get the description files with it). I don't know whether it'll see your phone modem or not, but at least it won't cost you any money to find out.

Some non-free (in the sense of "they cost money") network analyzers for Windows are OmniPeek from WildPackets, CommView from TamoSoft, Network Packet Analyzer CAPSA from Javvin, and Sniffer Portable from NetScout. I infer from the page for CommView that it will probably see your phone modem (it referred to dial-up adapters); I don't know whether the others will.

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answered 27 Oct '10, 15:56

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Thank you! I've downloaded Microsoft Network Monitor 3.4 and it works.

(28 Oct '10, 06:21) last1devil

Your phone probably appears as a PPP connection on your PC. According to question Q-5 in the WinPcap FAQ, on "Windows Vista and more recent" (which includes Windows 7), "It's not possible to capture on PPP/VPN connections".

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answered 26 Oct '10, 13:33

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Guy Harris ♦♦
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I just want to capture the taffic between a program from my computer and a web server. Thank you for your answer!

(26 Oct '10, 09:20) last1devil

Yeah - you're likely not going to get very far on that interface. Sigh. Maybe someone else with a Nokia will pipe up here.

(26 Oct '10, 09:36) lchappell ♦

Ok! Thank you! Do you know other program like WireShark that may work on Windows 7 ?

(27 Oct '10, 12:03) last1devil

It is possible to capture with Microsoft Network Monitor 3.4. Then save the file and open it with Wireshark.

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answered 25 Oct '12, 07:58

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