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Unable to disable transport resolution for X11


Just installed the latest update and opened a capture. The port range in which I am working is 6001-6579 with much of it being labeled as X11, even though I have transport resolution disabled. I tried setting X11 to a different port range but it made no difference.

The only name resolution I have enabled is MAC.

asked 18 Jul '17, 10:37

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I think you meant to say 'I have Resolve transport names unchecked in the Name Resolution preferences pane'. That is something else than telling Wireshark not to dissect packets for these ports as X11 protocol packets. If you want that to happen then you'll have to go into the menu Analyse, Enabled Protocols... and look for X11 and uncheck that.

answered 18 Jul '17, 11:23

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Thanks. Never had to use that selection in the past to remove the protocol name(s).

(18 Jul '17, 11:27) raymos