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I'm running Kali on Virtualbox, and when I run WS it only captures traffic from my VM, like if I open Mozilla it'll only capture traffic from Mozilla through Kali.

My question is, how can I point WS to capture traffic from my network as a whole?

Thank you.

asked 29 Jul '17, 12:11

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The answer depends on many factors:

  • do you want to capture on
    a) wireless or
    b) wired interface?

  • if wired, do you want to capture traffic of
    ba) other virtual machines running on the same host or
    bb) other physical machines and eventually virtual machines running on other hosts than the one hosting your Kali VM?

(30 Jul '17, 02:42) sindy

My physical machine is currently connected via wireless, I want to capture wireless packets of other physical machines on the network.

(30 Jul '17, 17:22) jtl369

I want to capture wireless packets of other physical machines on the network.

According to virtualbox documentation on networking, there is currently no way to achieve that goal. To capture 3rd party wireless traffic, a wireless network card has to run in monitoring mode, which is not possible for guests on Virtualbox as they cannot achieve full and exclusive control over the wireless hardware.

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answered 30 Jul '17, 21:58

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