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Hi all, just trying to get up to speed on Wireshark, I want to see what's going on and why it ultimately fails.

The issue briefly mentioned is, I have a PC system with broadband being supplied by Virgin and a Home 120 modem attached to a Netgear WGT624 router, the PC functions fine and networking/internet is pretty much as it should be. When the Macbook connects wirelessly again internet and network are all good and signal strength is strong with a good channel selection, it does however have the odd connection drop. When the macbook tries to connect the kb's start to fall ultimately resulting in a download fail, but it also knocks out the internet for itself and the PC and only a router reboot gets it back. The file that is being downloaded is the Microsoft Office trial 2008 from Mactopia, but others also fail.

I think I'm going to need some help, I'm not sure which filters I need to apply to the macs airport to understand what's happening and how to read the information being given.

I think this is an interesting case, and would love to at the very least understand why its happening but would be great to solve the puzzle.

Kind regards Lee

asked 26 Oct '10, 07:42

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First step is to capture the WLAN traffic. You want to capture the management, control and data frames - as I work on a Windows host, I use AirPcap adapters to let me do this.

Don't apply any filters to start -just capture on the channel that your systems are using. Afterwards you can apply a display filter for traffic to/from a specific WLAN hardware address - type wlan. into the display area and it will show you all the field names associated with WLAN traffic for filtering.

Start with the traffic capture first though.

(26 Oct '10, 08:52) lchappell ♦

Thank you for the info will run a capture to see what I get back.

thanks again for the advice.

much appreciated

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answered 26 Oct '10, 10:08

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