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Can I use Wire Shark to block certain web sites?

I want to use it in an office environment and block certain sites that are not work related.


asked 10 Oct '11, 02:43

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No, you can't. Think of Wireshark as a passive diagnostic tool, just like a doctor uses a stethoscope to listen to a patients body. It's doesn't affect it, it just listens.

What you need is to force your surfers to use a filtering proxy, meaning that they can't surf directly anymore but need to ask a web proxy for whatever they want. On that proxy, you can then filter content.

Take a look at Squid for example:

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answered 10 Oct '11, 02:49

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Hi Jasper

Thank you for your help!

(10 Oct '11, 04:45) Jani Louw Fo...

You can use Wireshark to create ACL entries.
Go to:
- Tools
- Firewall ACL Rules

This allows you to create command-line ACL rules for many different firewall products, including Cisco IOS, Linux Netfilter (iptables), OpenBSD pf and Windows Firewall (via netsh). Rules for MAC addresses, IPv4 addresses, TCP and UDP ports, and IPv4+port combinations are supported.

(10 Oct '11, 11:47) joke
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