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Good afternoon,

I'm trying to look inside a EIGRP Update packet that is encapsulated over a DMVPN solutions (GRE and ESP with ESP-NULL set). For whatever reason the Data part of the EIGRP is garbage.

Any ideas how to fix this problem? Does Wireshark have a limitation on how far it can look inside an IP packet?

Thanks G.

asked 13 Oct '11, 11:54

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Same problem with EIGRP over GRE.

(13 Oct '11, 13:08) calin_112

Hi, From dev mailing list Hi, I'm looking at en NULL encrypted ESP payload, trying to display it in Wireshark, in order to do so The preferences "Attempt to detect/decode NULL encrypted ESP payloads" must be "ticked" ( No supprise) "Attempt to detect/decode encrypted ESP payloads" must be "un-ticked" is that realy corrrect? Or should this patch be applied?

C:\wireshark\trunk>svn diff
Index: epan/dissectors/packet-ipsec.c
--- epan/dissectors/packet-ipsec.c      (revision 889)
+++ epan/dissectors/packet-ipsec.c      (working copy)
@@ -1099,8 +1099,7 @@

   /* The SAD is not activated */
-  if(g_esp_enable_null_encryption_decode_heuristic &&
-    !g_esp_enable_encryption_decode)
+  if(g_esp_enable_null_encryption_decode_heuristic)
     null_encryption_decode_heuristic = TRUE;

   if(g_esp_enable_encryption_decode || g_esp_enable_authentication_check)
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answered 13 Oct '11, 14:44

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