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Hey guys.

So I have for some time tried to get this working, and I feel like im close but just not there yet. I'm using a broadcom wifi card... When I activate airmon-ng it creates a device called mon0.

If I listen on the traffic using the wan0 (normal wifi) I get only very few packages and only http when I use the machine that is listening to browse some site... not from any other machine on the wifi network. When I switch to the mon0 device I suddenly get a lot more traffic. I see a lot of beacons from wifi networks all around me... here I thought I was home free... but I only see these broadcasts... no http etc. what so ever... only what seems to be the broadcast id's from the routeres near me...

Any ideas??

asked 30 Oct '11, 05:38

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Ronnie Jespe...
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Maybe you're just listening on the wrong channel, and on that channel only exist access points without active users, so you only see their "lonely" management traffic. Try listening to the other channels by adjusting your WiFi device with airmon-ng and you should find what you're looking for.

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answered 30 Oct '11, 05:51

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Jasper ♦♦
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That didn't help im afraid... I did sudo airmon-ng start wan0 6 And my router is using channel 6...

This is what I am being spammed with:

536 21.368621 Z-Com_75:90:c2 Broadcast 802.11 320 Beacon frame, SN=3351, FN=0, Flags=........, BI=100, SSID=TDC-7318

And then with a lot of different SSID's

(30 Oct '11, 06:17) Ronnie Jespe...

Okay I know now that its not listening on channel 6... when I look at the channel it says -1 ?? Event though I start airmon-ng with channel...

(30 Oct '11, 13:00) Ronnie Jespe...
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