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I am being driven round the bend by my isp as they want some results from wire shark, I know there is a problem with my line but they will not do anymore without these results. I am unable to get my network card in the drop down menu to enable me to start the capture. Any help will be much needed. Thankyou.

asked 02 Nov '11, 10:31

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What OS are you running? If you're running Windows, do you have WinPcap installed? Which version of Wireshark are you using? Which drop-down menu are you referring to exactly? If you bring up the Capture -> Interfaces dialog from the Wireshark toolbar, do you see a list of interfaces and do any of them have incrementing packet counts? What happens if you click, "Start" next to one with incrementing packet counts, assuming you have any?

(02 Nov '11, 17:59) cmaynard ♦♦

os is windows vista,WinPcap installed,wireshark version is 1.6.3 (SVN Rev 39702 from /trunk-1.6),the drop down menu is after you have clicked on capture on the main page and then click on options,it is the drop down menu in the top right hand corner. Yes from the capture interfaces toolbar i do see 3 different interfaces and 1 of them had incremeting packet counts it is the one called "microsoft", when I click start it brings up another screen with lots of data/numbers and info in lots of lines and adding more and more the longer you leave it. Does this mean it is working? Excellent if so.

(03 Nov '11, 15:15) JIO22

Yes, that sounds good. You should now be able to save the data and send it to your ISP as per their instructions.

(03 Nov '11, 15:30) grahamb ♦

Excellent, thankyou for the info, hope this will do them!

(04 Nov '11, 08:26) JIO22

I suspect that your capture environment is not set up correctly. Look at the Network Interfaces article on the Wireshark Wiki. You should probably also look at the Wireshark User's Guide and read the Capture Setup article on the Wireshark Wiki.

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answered 02 Nov '11, 10:45

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Thankyou for your quick reply. I have to admit I am not very savvy with computers and all the meanings/lingo, i have looked and read lots on these guides but it totally confuses me as I do not understand 90% of what I am meant to do. I am totally stuck as my isp just keep pushing it back to get these results of wireshark and that they cant do anything without them.

Is there anything obvious you can suggest for me to try first and then I can reply back with what happens?

The laptop is a sony vaio, with windows vista, with a wireless network card/interface.

Thankyou for you help.

(02 Nov '11, 10:55) JIO22

See also the wireless capture article on the Wiki

(02 Nov '11, 11:37) grahamb ♦

Thankyou again. Can anyone help me with trying anything in particular, or point me in the right direction to anything inparticular as the more I look into any of the guides etc I just get lost with it!


(02 Nov '11, 13:46) JIO22
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