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Hey there,

i came across an interesting MAC address related to a troubleshooting issue.

There was a device using MAC address 19:02:16:08:vw:xy and i wonder where this address comes from. OUI has no info about 19:02:16 - so i googled for the string and found several forums etc. where people asked questions about systems having those MAC addresses. The vendors are widely spread like linksys, dlink, siemens and so on, but all those had this special MAC plus (!) the next byte in all cases was "08"

So has anyone an idea, what those 19:02:16:08:xx:xx addresses could be?

asked 25 Nov '11, 05:09

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Looks like a local IP address is being encoded in a locally assigned mac-address. This might be on purpose or it might be some malware that does this. If you say multiple devices do this... hmmm...

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answered 25 Nov '11, 14:33

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SYN-bit ♦♦
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Great Idea - that could fit the scheme! Malware was also one of my thoughts, gotta go after that one

(26 Nov '11, 05:01) Landi

Reinstall your NIC driver - make sure you have the latest version.

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answered 25 Nov '11, 18:10

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