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Hello, I'm now looking into WireShark with hope that it will have the capability to display an incoming stream's bit rate for RTMP and HTTP. In reading the User Guide I see that it has; Statistic infos: -y display average data rate (in bytes/sec) -i display average data rate (in bits/sec) -z display average packet size (in bytes) -x display average packet rate (in packets/sec) This seems to be what I am looking for. Am I correct on this assumption? I searched the User Guide for information on RTMP and did not find any information on this. Why doesn't WireShark mention RTMP? What does Broadcom Netlink have to do with WireShark? Thank you for your response. will

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That's not a question, that's three questions.

The answer to the first question is "No. Those are command-line options for the capinfos command; that command does NOT dissect packets, and knows nothing whatsoever about TCP connections, much less about RTMP or HTTP streams."

The answer to the second question is "The same question could be asked about many of the other thousand or so protocols Wireshark supports. If it doesn't do anything other than dissect a protocol, there's not much for the User's Guide to say about the protocol."

The answer to the third question is "It's an Ethernet network adapter card, and Wireshark can capture on Ethernets using libpcap/WinPcap and an Ethernet network adapter card."

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Guy Harris, thank you for answering the three questions. About the third question/answer; "It's an Ethernet network adapter card, and Wireshark can capture on Ethernets using libpcap/WinPcap and an Ethernet network adapter card." If I install WinPCap/NDF will WireShark be able to display the incoming stream rate for RTMP and HTTP video streams? I greatly appreciate your expertise.

(08 Jan '12, 16:58) will

I assume by "NDF" you mean "NPF", which stands for Network Packet Filter, the kernel portion of WinPcap. So "[installing] WinPcap/NDF" is really just "installing WinPcap" (which is done by default when you install Wireshark on Windows).

Installing WinPcap makes no difference for displaying the incoming stream rate; it just controls whether Wireshark can capture network traffic on Windows.

Wireshark currently has no statistic to calculate streaming rates for RTMP or HTTP; installing WinPcap won't make a difference.

(09 Jan '12, 11:41) Guy Harris ♦♦
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