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My girlfriend and I (on same wired cable connection) are constantly getting disconnected simultaneously when we play World of Warcraft. Will Wireshark help us identify the issue and whether the disconnects are initiated on our side or the server end?

asked 02 Feb '12, 10:05

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You might be able to determine if it is a connection abort coming in from the server, or if it is your client(s) that do this. You'll have to capture your traffic either on your PC (while WoW is running) or somewhere down the line, maybe on or at your router (some have diagnostic options to write network packets to files, but there may be a size limitation).

I have no idea what kind of protocol WoW uses, but I guess it is a UDP based protocol like most online games use. In that case you'll not have Reset packets and other "nice" indicators of network problems that TCP would offer, but maybe you can tell from the content of the game packets what happened - for example, you might see content in a packet from the server that looks similar right before your connection gets dropped, and that both of your PCs receive.

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answered 03 Feb '12, 04:08

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From what I can find documented (

  • WoW uses tcp/1119 and tcp/3724
  • Blizzard Downloader uses tcp/6881-tcp/6999 (the full range)
  • WoW Voice Chat uses udp/3724
  • service uses tcp/1120

I'd pay attention to connections on tcp/1119 and tcp/3724, but you want to make sure that all of those ports are available and/or properly forwarded through your router.

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answered 03 Feb '12, 20:56

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