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Hi All!

I have problems with wireshark I can't see packets from other users, I see only packets from myself.

I searched the help file and found a "solution" it's explained in question 7.1, my problem is I don't understand that answer.

Can someone else explain it in a different way for me?

I am using a wireless adapter on a router.

Thanks in advance,



asked 11 Nov '10, 13:12

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Hi Marco...

Ok... assuming you are doing a WLAN capture, you need to run Wireshark (or Tshark if desired) on a host that has an adapter that will go into promiscuous mode and monitor mode (so you can see traffic on other WLANs). We have a video on testing your adapter over at Notice that one WLAN adapter cannot run in promiscuous mode (hence I won't see any traffic but my own).

Can you provide a bit more detail on your capture setup? "using a wireless adapter on a router?"

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answered 11 Nov '10, 16:50

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lchappell ♦
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Thanks for your answer, your assumings are right. I am connected via a WLAN on a router I am trying to monitor another PC on my network which is connected to the same router via a cable.

I started my adapter in promiscuous mode and wireshark didn't complained (as explained in your video).

Still I can't see other traffic except for my own.

I hope you can give me some hints!

Greetings and thanks in advance,


(12 Nov '10, 13:53) wolfshape

Sounds like you are capturing on a WLAN interface, but the other host is connected via cable to the router (directly - not through a switch?). You'll need to tap in somewhere on the wired network to capture their traffic on that wired network. If, however, their traffic eventually crosses the WLAN environment, you may need to get another adapter to allow you to see their traffic - on a Windows host I use an AirPcap adapter.

See for more information on WLAN capture.

(12 Nov '10, 14:35) lchappell ♦
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