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I downloaded Wireshark and am having trouble getting Winpcap to install with it. The Wireshark installer does not detect any version of Winpcap on my system and I cannot find it in my system, but every time I run the Winpcap installer I get a message that it detects another version of Winpcap an application is running. No applications besides the installer are running. I am using Windows 7. What is the problem? What should I do?

asked 26 Feb '12, 20:56

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I just had this problem trying to install 1.12.1-0-g01b65bf from master-1.12 64-bit on Windows 7 Enterprise. When I look in Programs and Features control panel, WinPcap is not listed.

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answered 28 Oct '14, 08:08

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I downloaded Listdlls.exe from and it does not show winpcap.dll

(28 Oct '14, 08:33) J4E

There is a blog post at that lists a couple of other names that winpcap.dll might appear under, such as wpcap.dll and packet.dll

In my case, searching for packet.dll in the listdlls.exe output revealed that a program called WifiSvc.exe was using it (shown in Task Manager "Show Processes of all users" as WifiSvc.exe*32). Trying to End Process on it results in it being automagically re-launched. This program comes with Netgear wireless dongles and apparently thinks it has to run even when the dongle is not plugged in. So my solution was to go to Programs and Features and uninstall the Netgear software. Now WinPcap installs just fine.

Needless to say, Netgear might not be the only culprit out there, and there might even be other dll's that WinPcap thinks it needs to replace, so if you find something else, please add a reply to this thread so that others can benefit from your research.

Best of luck!

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answered 28 Oct '14, 09:09

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