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I run Wireshark on Windows 7 and try to open a pcap file (captured on Windows XP), but Wireshark crashes when I try to open the file. What could be the problem?

asked 28 Feb '12, 01:26

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Lot's of possibilies; It's difficult to know which without being able to do a test with the capture file.

What error message do you get when Wireshark crashes ?

Please open a bug at bugs.wireshark,.org and attach the file to the bug. If necessary, you can mark the attachment private so that only Wireshark core developers will have access.

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answered 28 Feb '12, 09:03

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If I don't include my own plugin I can open the file. What could be different between the build of the plugin on Windows XP to Windows7?

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(28 Feb '12, 10:18) Nic

Aha ....

Are you using the same version of Wireshark on both systems ?

If not, have you recompiled the plugin for the version of Wireshark you are using on Windows 7 ?

There's no promise that a plugin compiled for one version of Wireshark will work with another version. That is, the plugin needs to be re-compiled from source for each major version of Wireshark.

If you are using the same version of Wireshark on both systems (or you've recompiled the plugin to match the Wireshark version), then you'll probably need to use a debugger to see why your plugin is failing.

(29 Feb '12, 17:17) Bill Meier ♦♦
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