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Has anyone run into any problems with web.mate? I'm running Windows 7 64 bit with the 64 bit Wireshark v1.4.1. The mate plugin is loading fine. I have loaded up tcp.mate without any errors. When I start up Wireshark with web.mate enabled I get this error:

c:usersMEwireshark_mateweb.mate at line 1: Syntax Error before web.mate

The permissions, directory path and attributes of the web.mate file are identical to those of tcp.mate which loads without any problems. I downloaded both files at the same time, using the same browser. I downloaded web.mate a couple of times to be sure something didn't get corrupted in the download and the file is identical each time.

I downloaded the web.mate file from the wireshark wiki so it isn't that I have some one-off version with some random edits.

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It looks like the format of these files have changed, so the example given does not work.

After a lot of trial and error, I came up with one that seems to work. I was looking for the ability to add a column that has the full time for each web page request, and it looks like it works. Here's what I came up with:

Pdu tcp_pdu Proto tcp Transport ip {
    Extract addr From ip.addr;
    Extract port From tcp.port;
    Extract tcp_start From tcp.flags.syn;
    Extract tcp_stop From tcp.flags.reset;
    Extract tcp_stop From tcp.flags.fin;

Gop tcp_ses On tcp_pdu Match (addr, addr, port, port) {
    Start (tcp_start=1);
    Stop (tcp_stop=1);

Transform rm_client_from_dns_resp {
    Match (dns_resp=1, client) Insert (dns_resp=1); 

Pdu dns_pdu Proto dns Transport ip {
    Extract addr From ip.addr;
    Extract dns_resp From dns.flags.response;
    Extract host From;
    Extract client From ip.src;
    Extract dns_id From;
    Transform rm_client_from_dns_resp;


Transform rm_client_from_http_resp1 {
    Match (http_rq);
    Match (addr) Insert (not_rq);
    Match (not_rq,client);

Transform rm_client_from_http_resp2 {
    Match (not_rq,client);

Pdu http_pdu Proto http Transport tcp/ip {
    Extract addr From ip.addr;
    Extract port From tcp.port;
    Extract http_rq From http.request.method;
    Extract http_rs From http.response;
    Extract host From;
    Extract client From ip.src;
    Transform rm_client_from_http_resp1;
//  Transform rm_client_from_http_resp2;


Gop dns_req On dns_pdu Match (addr, addr, dns_id) {
    Start (dns_resp=0);
    Stop (dns_resp=1);
    Extra (host, client);

Gop http_req On http_pdu Match (addr, addr, port, port) {
    Start (http_rq);
    Stop (http_rq);
    Extra (host, client);

//Transform start_cond {
//       Match (attr1=aaa, attr2=bbb) Insert (msg_type=start);
//       Match (attr3=www; attr2=bbb) Insert (msg_type=start);
//       Match (attr5^a ) Insert (msg_type=stop);
//       Match (attr6$z ) Insert (msg_type=start);

//Pdu pdu ...  {
//     ...;


Good luck,


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answered 06 Jan '11, 12:53

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