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I'm not a computer nor a network specialist, but I can fly Airbuses :). We are running a small privat house LAN with two WLAN access points, one of them is them modem. I have system administrator rights. Even after changing the password, after a few days somebody is again in our WLAN, we suspect with a iPhone. We would like to see what traffic is going trough our Access Point. How to do that? If a specialist is able to help us, even at some cost, please contact [email protected] Martin

asked 03 Mar '12, 21:43

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Martin Gautschi
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First of all, when you say "password" do you mean the password that you use to log in to your modem/accesspoints? Or do you mean the WEP/WPA key?

I assume you mean the key used to encrypt the wireless traffic. When you configure a wireless key, make sure to use WPA2. WEP encryption can be cracked within a few minutes nowadays and also WPA is less secure than WPA2.

Now for capturing the traffic, have a look at the scenarios on the wiki:

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answered 04 Mar '12, 03:06

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SYN-bit ♦♦
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Unfortunetly WLAN Capture is not possible under Windows. You can boot a live Linux (e.g. Linux Backtrack), put your wireless card in monitor mode and see, who is associated to your AP. it looks like this

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answered 06 Mar '12, 17:22

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