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Hi guys.

I wanted to capture wireless packets but when I run wireshark I can't see the my wireless interface card listed under the interface list?

please help me

thank you

asked 27 Mar '12, 16:29

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You should tell what OS you're running, and what you DO see in the interface list. I'm just guessing but you're probably running Windows and seeing some interfaces called "Microsoft". One of them will most likely be your WiFi card. You can tell by looking at the IP address listed next to it. By the way, keep in mind that you can't capture the 802.11 layer on Windows unless you have an AirPCAP adapter.

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answered 27 Mar '12, 16:48

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Thank you for your reply Jasper

Yes you are right am using windows 7 and the wireshrk sees some interfaces called 'Microsoft' but you said one of them is my wifi card that means i can see the 802.11 packets. can you please tell me is there other ways to capture 802.11 packets excluding AirPCAP adapter.

Actually am using 802.11n and i need to capture the exchanged packets between the Access point and the .PC Thank you

(28 Mar '12, 04:28) NAOUFL

You can use your Wifi adapter to capture packets from ethernet up, but not the 802.11 radio layer (unless you have an AirPCAP adapter)

If you need to see the radio layer you could use Linux. Before starting Wireshark you'll need to put the Wifi card in monitor mode, usually by using the airmon-ng tool. See the following other question that has an answer that will help you:

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(28 Mar '12, 04:49) Jasper ♦♦

See the Wiki page on Wireless captures HERE. Basically capturing the 802.11 packets is very hard on Windows unless you have an AirPCap adaptor.

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answered 28 Mar '12, 04:47

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thank you very much

(28 Mar '12, 04:58) NAOUFL
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